What are cookies?

Cookies are text files saved in the memory of your browser by websites. They are commonly used for handling of various functions on websites. For example, they allow for remembering settings and obtaining various information about the browser, device (e.g. computer) and user (e.g. tracking of interactions with the website). Usually, cookies contain a unique number (identifier) which allows for telling them apart.
We do not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information (such as name and surname). However, some information collected by cookies is treated as personal data within the meaning of the provisions of the GDPR (learn more). [link to the section of the privacy policy relating to personal data].
Some cookies are necessary for the functioning of our website. Others (e.g. advertising cookies) are optional and require your consent.

How long are cookies active?

Each cookie has its own activity period after which it expires, unless you delete it earlier. The activity period depends on the function performed by a given cookie. Some cookies are active only for the duration of your visit on the website, others are active for longer periods of time (e.g. several hours, days, months, even years). You will find detail information below.

Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy

I. The Privacy Policy sets forth the principles of personal data processing at Stella Sp. z o.o.
II. The Cookies Policy sets forth the principles of saving of and obtaining access to data on Devices of Users who use the Website, for the purpose of provision of services by electronic means by the Controller of the Website. Furthermore, the purpose of the Cookies Policy is to indicate the activity period of such files and whether third parties may access such files – see Clause 12.

Privacy Policy

Clause 1. Definitions

• Website – website accessible at https://noemebypoldem.fr/
• External Website – websites of the Controller’s partners, service providers or service recipients
• Controller – Stella Sp. z o.o. as the entity which operates the website and stores and accesses information on User devices
• User – a natural person or representative of a legal person whom the Controller provides with services by electronic means via the Website
• Device – an electronic device together with software through which the User accesses the Website
• Cookies – text data gathered in the form of files placed on a User Device

Clause 2. Controller, contact details
• The controller of the User’s personal data is Stella Sp. z o.o.
• Any questions relating to personal data protection should be sent by e-mail to inspektorrodo@stella-furniture.pl or by post to the address of the Controller’s registered office.

Clause 3. Principles and purposes
I. In order to ensure compliance of personal data processing with the provisions of law and to protect the rights and freedoms of our customers, employees, counterparties and partners, Stella Sp. z o.o. introduced a personal data protection policy and other procedures to apply the principle of accountability arising from Article 5 of the GDPR.

II. The Controller obtains and process personal data on the following legal grounds and for the following purposes:
• performance of a contract or taking steps required to perform it (Article 6(1)(b) of the GDPR) in connection with steps relating to, among other things, entering into a contract and sale of a product;
• legal obligation to which the Controller is subject (Article 6(1)(c) of the GDPR) in connection with performance of tasks arising from statutes relating to services provided;
• pursuit of purposes of a legitimate interest pursued by the Controller or by a third party (Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR) in connection with analysing and responding to enquiries submitted by telephone or electronic message and in connection with social media activity.

III. The Controller protects personal data by applying appropriate technical and organisational security measures in order to avoid accidental or deliberate modification of such data, loss of or destruction of such data or unauthorised access to such data.

IV. Personal data gathered in accordance with the purposes described hereinabove are processed for a period required to pursue the above-mentioned purposes, including to perform a contract, to comply with a legal obligation.

V. The Controller ensures transparency of personal data processing:
• informs data subjects about data processing at the time data are collected, in particular about the purpose of and legal grounds for personal data processing, unless it is not obliged to do so under separate provisions,
• ensures that data are collected only within a scope required for a given purpose and processed only for a period during which it is necessary.

VI. While processing data, the Controller ensures security and confidentiality of data and ensures that data subjects have access to information about the processing. If, despite the applied security measures, a personal data breach (e.g. “leakage” or loss of data) occurs and such breach may cause high risk to the rights and freedoms of data subjects, it will inform data subjects about such occurrence in accordance with the applicable provisions.

VII. The Controller takes any steps necessary to ensure that its subcontractors and other collaborating entities provide guarantees of application of appropriate security measures in each case they process personal data to the Company’s order.

VIII. The Controller analyses risk on an on-going basis and monitors if the applied data safeguards are adequate for identified threats. If necessary, it implements additional measures to improve security of data.

Clause 4. Social media

The Controller has public profiles on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinteres, Twitter, LinkedIn.. Therefore, it processes data provided by visitors of these profiles (e.g. comments, likes, online identifiers). Personal data of such persons are processed for the purpose of enabling their activities on the profiles, for the purpose of effective profile management, by presenting profile users with information about initiatives and other activities, in connection with promotion of various events, services and products, for statistical and analytical purposes and for the purpose of pursuing and defending claims. The legal basis for the processing of personal data in social media is a legitimate interest of the Controller (Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR) consisting in promoting its own brand and improving the quality of its services, and – if necessary, pursuing and defending claims.

Clause 5. Data recipients, data subjects

I. Recipients of Users’ personal data, depending on the purpose of processing, may be: shipment companies, IT solution providers, banks, insurance companies, support companies, telecommunication service providers, document disposal companies, users of websites or social media – in respect of data published in there, entitled public authorities.

II. Users have the right to request access to their personal data, the right to rectify, erase or limit the processing of their personal data, the right of data portability and the right to lodge a complaint with the President of the Office for Personal Data Protection if they think that the shared personal data are processed in breach of the provisions of the Regulation.

III. Users have the right to object to the processing of their personal data if such data are processed on the basis of legitimate interests or consent to promotional activities. If personal data are processed on the basis of consent to processing of personal data, Users have the right to revoke their consent. Revocation does not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before it is revoked.

Cookies Policy
Clause 6. Types of cookies

• Internal Cookies – files placed on and read from a User Device by the ICT system of the Website
• External Cookies – files placed on and read from a User Device by ICT systems of External Websites
• Session Cookies – files placed on and read from a User Device by the Website during a single session of a given Device. Once the session is over, the files are removed from the User Device.
• Permanent Cookies – files placed on and read from a User Device by the Website until they are removed manually. The files are not automatically removed after a Device session is over, unless the User Device is set to delete cookies once a Device session is over.
• Necessary Cookies – cookies required for proper functioning of our website. They serve basic functions (e.g. logging, cart) and ensure security. The use of these cookies does not require your consent and they are saved on your device by default. They are active for the duration of your visit to the website or a little longer. You may block these cookies in the settings of your browser, but in such case the website may not function properly [expand to see the list of files]. [optional list with names and descriptions of cookies]
• Analytical cookies
[ YES ] [ NO ]
[consent cannot be selected by default; consent is selected if “YES” was selected in the first layer]
We want to analyse the manner in which you as a User use our website. This way, we can create reports and statistics which help us improve our website. For this purpose, we use Google Analytics https://analytics.google.com/ and some information collected by cookies is sent to Google. The activity period of these cookies is up to 2 years.
Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google LLC from USA. Google processes information for us, on the basis of your consent. Analytical cookies do not collect personally identifiable information. Collected data are related to e.g. your device, browser, approximate location and the manner in which you use our website (e.g. from which page you visit the website, which pages you browse and for how long, whether or not you visited our website before). For additional privacy protection, we activated anonymisation of ID addresses.
• Advertising cookies
[ YES ] [ NO ]
[consent cannot be selected by default; consent is selected if “YES” was selected in the first layer]
We want to provide you with advertisements adjusted to your interests and to measure effectiveness of our advertisements. For that purpose, we and our partners use various cookies. Some of them track your activity on our website (e.g. products you browse), gather various information and send it to our advertising partners. As a result, you can see on other websites advertisements adjusted to your interests (e.g. if you browse our sofas, later on you can see them advertised on another website). Also, you will see fewer of our advertisements. The activity period of these cookies is up to 6 months. [expand to learn more and see the list of cookies and advertising partners]
Advertising cookies do not collect personally identifiable information. Collected information relates to e.g. (…) [e.g. “location”, whether or not you clicked on our advertisement and whether or not it has lead to a purchase”].
Our advertising partners use their own cookies and do so in accordance with their own privacy policies (e.g. to adjust advertisements and display them on websites operated by those partners).
Clause 7. Security
• Store and read mechanisms – Cookies’ store and read mechanisms do not allow for collecting any personal data or confidential information from a User Device. Transmission of viruses, trojans and other worms is practically impossible.
• Internal Cookies – Internal Cookies used by the Controller are safe for User Devices.
Clause 8. Purposes for which Cookies are used
• Streamlined and easier access to the Website – In Cookies, the Controller may store information about user preferences and settings relating to the Website in order to streamline, improve and speed up service provision through the Website.
• Statistical data – The Controller and External Websites use Cookies to collect and process statistical data such as visit statistics, User Device statistics or user behaviours statistics. Such data are collected to analyse and improve the Website.
• Provision of multimedia services – The Controller and External Websites use Cookies to provide multimedia services to Users.
Clause 9. External Websites
The Controller does not collaborate with external websites and the Website does not place or use any external Cookies.
Clause 10. Options to set conditions of storage on and access to User Devices through the Website
• The User may, at any time, change settings relating to saving, removing of and access to data of saved Cookies, including to revoke consent (without affecting the lawfulness of steps taken during the period in which consent was valid).
• Information on how to disable Cookies in the most popular browsers on computers and mobile devices is available at the following websites:
Internet Explorer
• Due to the multitude of technological solutions, it is not possible to include precise guidelines on how to set conditions of storage of or access to Cookies through settings of all available telecommunications end devices and software installed on such devices. Nevertheless, in most cases you should select “Tools” or “Settings” and find the section responsible for configuration of cookies settings or management of online privacy. Detailed information is usually provided by the manufacturer of a given device or browser in the user manual or on its website.
• The User may, at any time, delete all saved Cookies with the tools of the User Device through which the User accesses Website services.
Clause 11. Website requirements
• Restriction of saving of and access to Cookies on a User Device may cause certain Website functions not to work properly.
• The Controller is not responsible or liable for any improperly working Website functions if the User restricts the possibility to save and read Cookies.
Clause 12. Activity periods of Cookies and information whether third parties may access such files
Only in exceptional cases your full IP address may be sent to a Google server in USA. Google participates in the “Privacy Shield” programme. In accordance with the decision [link to the decision] of the European Commission, companies from USA holding a “Privacy Shield” certificate provide an adequate level of protection of personal data, as required by the EU provisions.
Clause 13. Amendments to the Privacy Policy and the Cookies Policy
• The Controller reserves the right to make any amendments to this Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.
• Any amendments will always be published on this website.
• Amendments take effect as of the date of publication.